Hotel History

Our interesting history

Generations of locals have frequented the hotel since it was established over 100 years ago and over its time seen many changes.

In 2009 Cathy Franich purchased the Hotel and recently achieved her vision of creating an environment where visitors and locals can enjoy a delicious meal, modern comfortable surroundings, as well as Taranaki accommodation and conference facilities.

Come and enjoy Kaponga Hotel’s new look today!


The town was packed, there were people everywhere having fun, laughing and reminiscing. It was 1982 the year of the Kaponga Centenary and two locals Tony Hardegger and his mate Gus Gulliver thought it would be a good idea to take Monica, Tony’s prize winning Jersey cow into the Kaponga Hotel for a pint.

They opened the double doors to a full house, not a spare seat or leaner to be had.

They walked straight up to the bar with Monica. Edith one of the publicans went over to serve them and said “what do you two think you are doing here" and Gus said "we would like a handle each please, but the girl with us is underage" at which point Edith replied "you will get more than underage if she poohs on my carpet".

Everyone in the pub was having a great time with Monica. One of the other locals Tom Kelley shouted out to the boys "bring her over here" when they took her over Tom leaned over and squirted milk straight from her udder into his whiskey glass and continued to drink it.

Tony and Gus finished off their pint and carried on their way and Monica continued to win prizes...